MAMA takes pride in taking an active role in research, especially in health, education, climate change, and community development. As MAMA Research Hub, we partner with research organizations, academic institutions, humanitarian organizations, government agencies and individual researchers to carry out successful field studies in Kenya.

We’re currently working with STEMA, a UK-based research organization with globally acclaimed researchers in global health, with a systems thinking approach to health. We have also partnered with government and non-governmental organizations in Kenya and beyond to carry out short-term to long-term research projects, especially in health, nutrition, climate change and water in rural areas in Kenya.

We believe that community development is more charged and result-oriented when it is evidence-based. We take data from research to be an integral resource for our programs and projects in rural and marginalized communities. MAMA Research Hub also aims to provide other humanitarian organizations with foundational data-evidence to develop and implement solutions to challenges facing communities.

MAMA Wellness Centre based in Orus, Tiaty East, Baringo County is designed not only to offer maternal health care and solutions but also to provide a Research Hub to mortise researchers willing to work with us to provide the world with empirical data to act on challenges affecting communities in the Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

As a Research Hub, we provide researchers with the necessary support, including research assistance in the form of government approvals, community engagement, research leads and assistance in various stages of the study, translations, interpreters and documentation.

MAMA Research Hub is open to working with research partners from around the world to carry out successful studies in Kenya.