Explore MAMA annual reports to learn of the impact we’re making in the area of maternal and child health, wellness, education and socioeconomic development in rural marginalized communities in Kenya.

Our MAMA annual reports showcases our commitment to achieve our health, wellness, education and sustainability goals with our partner communities, governments and organizations.

Our vision is to reduce maternal and child mortality rates in Africa through education and empowerment. We envision a world where there are no marginalized communities since all people, regardless of their physical location, have access to quality and safe health services and are economically empowered.

Our ongoing projects and programs help us promote quality maternal and child health in rural and marginalized communities in Kenya. We take a participatory approach to ensure holistic community development that enhances overall health and wellness.

We thank our partners Altro Foundation, the Pokot community living in Orus, Baringo County, for their immense support to achieve our goals.